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It’s a tale as old as online shopping: no matter how much merch you have in your cart, when it comes time to check out, even a small shipping charge can be a dealbreaker.

It might seem crazy to give up on a $30 order just because you don’t feel like paying $9.99 to get it delivered to your house, but these days, free shipping feels like it should be a given.

A lot of our favorite online stores offer free shipping with no minimums year-round, and even more step up to the plate during the holidays. But most online retailers still charge for shipping, because sadly, shipping still costs money.

If frequent shipping shock stops you from making otherwise smart online purchases, we know just how you feel. And because we spend all day, every day scouring the web for the best possible deals, we know a few things you might not. Here are our eight favorite hacks for avoiding shipping charges at your favorite online stores.

If you live near a brick-and-mortar location of your favorite store, you may be able to save on shipping by opting for in-store delivery. Many major retailers either offer totally free ship-to-store delivery, or a lower free shipping threshold on in-store pickup orders.

Another major perk of picking up your order in-store? Depending on availability, you might be able to go pick up your item right away, or even try it on before you make the final payment. Here are a few stores with free (or cheap) in-store pickup options.

  1. Set up voice purchasing on your smartphone.
  2. Add a payment method to voice-ordered purchases.
  3. Amazon
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